Consultant Radiologist
Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Job reference: 053807

Location: Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Job closing date: 18/06/2021

Job posted date: 08/06/2021

Salary: Consultant (£84,984 - £112,925)

Employment type: Permanent

Job Type: Medical and Dental

Hours of work: 40

Department: Radiology

Employer (NHS Board) : NHS Golden Jubilee

An exciting opportunity has emerged for Consultant Radiologist(s) with extensive experience of all aspects of General Radiology. There is the ability to support sub specialties, particularly MSK, Cardio-thoracic and Cardiology and colorectal.  The post holder will be based within NHS Golden Jubilee (GJ). There is ample opportunity participate in research projects for new techniques and equipment. A recent example is the MAKO and ROSA orthopaedic developments.

The post is full time offered at 10 PAs, however applications for flexible working or joint appointments with other health boards may be considered. On call is provided by 4 ways Healthcare, although all Consultants are required to participate in rotational weekend 9-5 and public holiday duties. The precise details of the job plan would be dependent upon the successful candidate’s sub specialist training and interests.

NHS Golden Jubilee has supported the pilot of the Scottish National Radiology Reporting Service (SNRRS). This has led to a greater opportunity for radiologists to work flexibly and access reporting of exams which may not currently offered within this site. The full potential of this has still to be explored when the service transfers to Business as Usual later this year. This is an exciting opportunity which can be investigated further with the successful candidate.

Golden Jubilee National Hospital

NHS Golden Jubilee is unique within NHS Scotland, as it is both a Regional and National resource operated independently as a National Board.  Built recently in the 1990s, it is a very modern hospital with 300 beds overall and all wards having single or two bedded rooms with en-suite facilities. The estate is one of a high specification and has the unusual feature of a hotel and conference centre as an integral unit alongside the hospital. From a research and development standpoint it has the Golden Jubilee Centre for Health Science, and the Scottish Innovation Centre, facilities which provide educational and research capabilities. Overall, the hospital is regarded by the staff as a very pleasing and attractive working environment and desirable patient experience.

The main clinical services provided are cardiac and thoracic surgery, transplant surgery, elective major orthopaedics, ophthalmology, general surgery, plastic surgery and endoscopy services.

NHS GJ is recognised as a centre of clinical excellence and is currently undergoing substantial expansion which will see the hospital double in size by 2022. In the last five years the Radiology department has seen significant expansion, with activity more than doubling during this time. NHS GJ is home to the West of Scotland Regional Heart and Lung Centre. It is the only site in Scotland to undertake heart transplantation. As one of the highest volume coronary intervention centres in the UK, we deliver a high quality cardiology service and our percutaneous primary coronary intervention (PCI) rates have increased in number and complexity.  NHS GJ undertakes a wide variety of Regional and National Cardiac Radiology examinations for NHS Scotland.

NHS GJ has rapidly adapted to the changing requirements of NHS Scotland, designing and delivery new services and as well as existing Cancer, Cardiac, Orthopaedic and Ophthalmology services. Further work is underway to scope expansion of diagnostics capacity and training through the NHS Scotland Academy. NHS GJ will also further develop its role as a National Centre for robotics for the specialities and services we provide, supporting NHS Scotland to adopt new technology and practices. This expansion and development will offer exciting opportunities for the successful candidate(s) for service development and research.

NHS Golden Jubilee is situated on the banks of the River Clyde in close proximity to Glasgow International Airport and within 30 minutes of the centre of Glasgow by road and rail links. Direct overnight sleeper rail service to Euston, London is available at Dalmuir station 15 minutes from the hospital. Clydebank is on the westerly outskirts of Glasgow in close proximity to the West of Scotland and Loch Lomond. The city has a vibrant cultural life, with first class galleries, museums, sports and leisure facilities.

NHS Golden Jubilee Radiology Clinical Team

The radiology department is supported by a team of 23 experienced sessional radiologists from the surrounding Health Boards and 1 substantive Cardiothoracic Radiologist. They form an excellent clinical support for clinical colleagues and members of the multidisciplinary team. Out of Hours reporting and justification is managed by 4 Ways radiologist team. GJNH radiologists are required to participate in Weekend 9 to 5 and public holiday cover.


The Radiology service performed 81,550 examinations in 2019/20.  Of these 52.5% were waiting times activity in the form of CT, MRI, U/S, and Dexa examinations. This supports Health Boards across NHS Scotland to reduce waiting times for imaging and comply with the current Scottish Government target of 6 weeks RTT. The remaining 47.5% of activity is based on all in/out-patients for elective Cardio-Thoracic and Orthopaedic services.


The radiology department consists of 4 MRI Scanners, 2 CT scanners, 3 Ultrasound rooms, 3 Plain Film Rooms, 1 screening room, Dexa scanner, 5 Cath Labs.

Scottish National Radiology Reporting Service (SNRRS)

NHS GJ has been supporting a 12-month pilot and implementation of the SNRRS. This new way of reporting will present exciting opportunities for successful candidate(s) to explore alternative ways of working in the future.

Expressions of interest should be made to:

Professor Hany Eteiba

Associate Medical Director

Heart, lung & Diagnostics Directorate


Ms Lynne Ayton

Director of Operations

Via PA Laura Morrison 0141 951 5025

An informal visit can be arranged by:

Caroline Handley

Radiology & Diagnostics Service Manager​​​​​​​

Closing date for applications will be: 28th May 2021

Interview dates: 14th and 15th July 2021